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Learn the art of 3D Animation for Film & Games.

From absolute beginner to complete Game Artist.
Full VIP Course Access
30+ Hours video tutorials
All assets and Concept supplied
University learning at a hobbyist price
Full VIP Course

What will I learn?

Full open access to our extensive course library. Never be stuck again with our helpful quick videos to keep you going.

3D Modeling Environment


Bring a range of interesting dynamic and complex models to life - from Weapons and Environments, to Creatures and Characters!
Master a full toolkit of helpful tools and shortcuts, to produce stunning models and get the most from your effort. No wasted time!

Sculpting Mudbox


Take your models to the max with high resolution sculpting techniques to really polish the fine details in your models.
Sculpting is a dynamic and fun way to digitally shape your models like clay, really pushing your modelling skills to the next level.

UV Layout

UV Layout

UV Layout - essential for texturing, but not very interesting!
But don’t worry! We explain UV layout in the most crystal clear and easy to follow way that you’ll never have trouble with UVs again.
Never before has learning UVs been so painless and quick!

Skeleton Substance Texturing


Push your objects to the limit with Substance Painter’s powerful Physically Based Shader setup.

Create instant, real-world materials at the push of a button, blend them across your model to produce stunning works of art, in no time at all.

Maya Rigging Orc


We take the pain out of rigging with our easy to follow tutorials on bringing props, creatures, characters and facial expressions to life.

Follow a variety of methods to choose which suits your assets, to not just do rigging, but truly understand it.

Animation Runcycle


Your work has paid off when you get to animation.

We explain Animation from the ground up, no getting lost here!
From simple animation techniques to complex run cycles - nothings more satisfying than finally seeing your work brought to life!

Unity Game Engine Publishing


Polish your assets and share them with the world!
We show simple and error-free exporting methods for a variety of game engines, Sketchfab, and for use in your personal production!

Share with your friends, family and the amazing 3D community. Get valuable feedback and praise for your creations!



Plus much more! Beyond our core tutorials, have access to a world of quick tips to not only create our assets, but also create your dream work with no troubles.

Use expert techniques, provided scripts and assets, and shortcuts from our years on productions to speed up your workflow and get ahead of the rest!

With this in-depth library at your side, you’ll never get lost while bringing your masterpieces to life!

A crystal-clear learning experience

Follow along in our expertly arranged tutorials and never lose track of where you are in your learning!

Hours of professional videos, downloadable files, embedded examples and concept art that waste no time in giving you the skills you need to become a game artist!

Welcome to the Course
9 videos - 82min
1. The Basics
8 videos - 61min
2. Axe Modeling
8 videos - 67min
3. Modeling Tools
6 videos - 53min
4. Mallet Modeling
9 videos - 75min
5. Further Techniques
Welcome to the Course
4 videos - 14min
1. The Basics
9 videos - 82min
2. Axe Modeling
8 videos - 67min
3. Modeling Tools
6 videos - 53min
4. Mallet Modeling
9 videos - 75min
5. Further Modeling Techniques
6 videos - 47min
1. High Res Creation
9 videos - 89min
1. UV Layout
7 videos - 70min
2. Introduction To Texturing
Modeling the Skeleton Part A (6mins)
Modeling the Skeleton Part B (8mins)
Retopologising (4 mins)
UV Layout Part A (8mins)
Help! I'm just a beginner!
We've designed this course with complete beginners in mind! No experience necessary! Whether you're artistic or technically minded, this course runs at the perfect pace, with breaks and stopping points for you to learn with zero stress.
Weapon Model AShield Model

Make a whole arsenal of props & weapons.

Create a stunning range of props from our library of provided concept art - all made to support your skills while learning the fundamentals of modelling and texturing.

Create real wood/metal/cloth materials to build a library of models for your characters to use.

Flail Model
Sword Model

Make a world of awesome characters.

From simple characters to complex, armored creatures; male and female, young and old, humans and monsters!

Create dynamic and appealing stylised characters with our in depth sculpting and texturing tutorials. Body sculpting, Skin texturing, Armor creation, lighting quick cycled animations - everything you need for a games full of characters!

Character Model FemaleCharacter Model MaleCharacter Model Orc

An infinite range of modular environment pieces.

Make a dynamic world using time management tips for maximum productivity! Learn how to make the building blocks for any structure or set-piece for your world.
It's never been so easy!

Environment WellEnvironment Fence

Done with the fundamentals? Take on the Advanced Areas!

  • Full Body and Prop Rigging
  • Two methods for Face Rigging
  • Full Body Run Cycle
  • Much More!
Skeleton 3D Model

What do I get?

50+ hours of concise video tutorials
Helpful scripts to speed up your workflow
50+ Supplied Files
10+ Substance Materials and Textures
10+ Pieces of Concept Art
Front and Side designs for all characters
Tips for different styles - Real and Stylised
Tips on building your own designs
30 Day Money back guarantee
Safe Checkout with credit card/Stripe/Paypal and more
Alumni discounts on future courses
Updated to have the freshest possible learning experience
Are you up for it?
No time or money wasted - this is the most comprehensive course for 3D art.

Using only Free Student Software

Autodesk Maya
3 year full featured license for students

Using Autodesk's powerful 3D package Maya you'll learn the industry standard software for Film and Games with skills that translate to all areas of 3D.

Autodesk Mudbox
3 year full featured license for students

Compliment Maya's powerful editor with Mudbox's quick prototyping and sculpting skillset to put the polish on your objects.

Allegorithmic Substance Painter
1 year renewable license for students, or 30 day full featured trial available

Welcome to the next generation of texturing. Making it easy and awesomely fun to bring real or stylised PBR textures to your assets.

3D Wireframe Female Face

Have your own art or game ideas? We’ve got you covered!

We’ve designed this course, not just to learn 3d art and animation, but to use it to bring your own designs to life with no pain or time wasted.
Throughout the course our videos discuss bringing the provided concept to life, but also alternate methods and workflows to build your skills upwards and outwards.

Cover the full range of the 3D realm to build your ideas, and create that amazing folio to become a full 3D Game Artist.

Character Concept ArtFace Concept Art

Let's get started!

Full open access to our extensive course library. Never be stuck again with our helpful quick videos to keep you going.

The Ultimate Game Art Course
Most Other Courses
30 day Money back Guarantee
No risks when purchasing with our safe money back guarantee
Keep forever and access anywhere/anytime
Learn from the comfort of your own home and have access to our tutorials forever!
Immediate login and safe checkout
Covers all areas of 3D for games
We don't skip a thing - everything you need is here, from modeling and texturing through to rigging and animation
Extensive Video curriculum
50+ hours of videos, each byte size and easy to follow
Uses Industry Standard Software
We use the software that most major studios use - big time or small time
All Software is Free for Students
No expensive software here. Free, easy to install software for students, and trials available too.
Expertly Arranged Curriculum
Over 10 years I've refined my teaching methods to be as clear and trouble-free as possible for students
Short & concise tutorials (no umms and ahhs!)
No time wasting here - just gold nuggets of info
All Concept/Start files Provided
All the Front and Side images, Reference files, Scripts, Materials and Textures you'll require to create and learn!
Expert Industry Instructor
I've worked in the Industry for 10+ years, in Film, Game, Design, Advertising, 3D Printing and more
Create a Full range of Characters/Props
While some courses only cover 1 or 2 small easy pieces, we cover a full range of projects leaving you with a huge body of work at the end
Learn at your own pace
Don't be bound by due dates or semesters. Work whenever and wherever you please!
Access to all Future Updates
Continued access to all updates and fixes!
Technical Support
Something broken? We got you covered with email support during office hours!
Stay ahead of the rest!
Full VIP Course Access
University Learning at a Hobbyist Price
Guaranteed Safe Checkout
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Includes Personalised
Support and Feedback!
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